Some formula/ valencies: Aluminum Al3+, Calcium Ca2+, Carbon dioxide gas CO2, Carbonate CO32-,  Chloride Cl-, Copper(II) Cu2+, Hydrochloric acid HCl, Hydrogen gas H2, Magnesium Mg2+, Mercury(II) Hg2+, Nitrate NO3-, Oxide O2-, Oxygen gas O2, Silver Ag+, Sulfate SO42-, Sulfuric acid  H2SO4, Zinc Zn2+


Write a balanced chemical equation for each of the following reactions in a word processor.


1. The burning of magnesium ribbon. A synthesis reaction.

2. Aluminium reacts with oxygen from the air.

3. Hydrochloric acid and zinc combine to produce hydrogen gas and a salt

4. Sulfuric acid and zinc react to produce hydrogen gas and a salt.

5. The action of sulfuric acid on calcium carbonate produces a salt and a gas that turns limewater milky.

6. Heating of mercuric oxide, HgO causes this compound to decompose into its elements.

7. The heating of copper carbonate yields the gas carbon dioxide and another compound. A decomposition reaction.

8. The compound in 7.  (a black powder) will react with hydrochloric acid to produce a green solution of copper(II) chloride plus water.

9. Copper in a solution of silver nitrate will yield metallic silver and a salt. Use copper(II).

10. When a solution of silver nitrate comes into contact with a solution of chloride ions from table salt, a white precipitate forms (silver chloride is insoluble in water).


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